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Melbourne came and went – in a fog actually! The airport was closed due to smog/fog, the plane delayed and as a consequence,  my appointment at Infinity Pilates was cancelled. Such are the trials and tribulations of interstate travel. Undaunted, I was able to secure a spot in Kerrie’s group session the next day and was quite delighted with the work out. It was quite extraordinary watching her manage four people of differing ability working out on four different pieces of equipment. Kerrie was able to orchestrate both the clients and their respective exercises with all the expertise of a maestro conducting a full symphony! It’s a less expensive way of enjoying the full Pilates workout than experiencing the individual attention gained during a private session, but challenging and beneficial none the less. I came back to Hobart with some more moves and ideas tucked under my belt.

Sydney was next on the agenda. Three days and three different studios to visit, all part of the fantastic Pilates ITC group. I indulged in a private session at the Hunters Hill studio and also observed a small group of three. Had some time off for coffee and then managed to secure a lift to the second studio – Strawberry Hills Pilates, where I observed one group in action and also did some assisted teaching – ie put on the springs, moved the spine corrector, collected the fitball and therabands and wiped the machines down once everyone had finished. Very character building! 

I resisted the temptation to see Billy Elliot for the second time and went home to write up my notes.

The next day, another few hours at the Strawberry Hills studio and then after missing one train, I managed to catch another to Turramurrah to observe two instructors working alongside one another with their various clients. Again, it was most impressive watching the way the instructors vary the exercises and constantly challenge the clients by utilizing a variety of apparatus.

Before flying home last Saturday, I factored in another hour of observation and then (oh joy!) I was entrusted with my own client to work with whilst assisting Amity during a small group session. The young lass I worked with seemed quite pleased with my (and her) efforts and I was able to set off for the airport feeling the three days were most valuable and enjoyable.

Next week – Paris… 

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