Looking for a studio to try on your next visit to Melbourne?

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Well, have I got the place for you….

I went to Melbourne last week to train with the amazing Shauna Hall – womens health/pilates guru. Shauna is a very experienced exercise physiologist and pilates instrucor, specialising in all those issues that women face now or in the future – specifically heart disease, osteoporosis, menopause (check out her Women’s Vital Health Movement Principles) and has recently completed her masters on depression and exercise. Mary and I went to her specifically to learn how to help women with breast cancer rehabilitate from surgery and take control of their lives and bodies as they enter treatment and beyond. Please have a chat to us if you’d like to know more or if we can help you or a loved one.

I love a trip interstate as I make a point of booking a private session at a pilates studio. On this trip, I chose to book in at Soma Pilates St Kilda. I was intuitively lead through my session by the incredibly interesting and accomplished director of the studio Elise Watts. Elise has a background in dance, gymnastics and in her younger days, was an elite aerobic athlete. She trained through Pilates ITC and has additional training in behavioural science, hypnosis, kinesiology, esoteric-body work and energy healing. She knew exactly what my body needed and used a wide range of techniques taken from pilates, the Franklin method and the Feldenkrais method to apply that knowledge. Most mind boggling was the isolation of one particular deep external hip rotator that I don’t think I have ever accessed before!

I spent the afternoon after my session floating (as in very released through the pelvis and hip flexors), incredibly relaxed (as noted by the occassional happy sigh that escaped my mouth) and having learnt a few new things about how to address some of those imbalances that we all have. I very much recommend a visit to Elise’s lovely studio.


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