I used to be a once a week Pilates-goer but I now find it hard to resist its pull twice a week. Pilates brings together for me three crucial elements, body, mind and conscience – there is no doubt Pilates is good for my body, stretching it out into unfamiliar poses and letting me rediscover my abs and triceps at almost every session! I’m also investing in my future – I know I’ll appreciate the benefits way into the years ahead. While engaging in the challenges of mastering a technique, sustaining a position or breathing through “hundreds”, my mind can wander to nowhere else, giving it a wonderful break and resetting it to engage with a new page of life. My conscience is appeased with every class I attend – I’m doing something for my physical and mental wellbeing and it feels very satisfying. Despite isolating during the COVID19 pandemic, Pilates continues – it’s amazing how seamless it is to have these sessions presented online and I appreciate Pilates Tasmania for providing routine and stability in this way during times of uncertainty.” – Chris

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