“I have been attending Ella’s’ classes for several years and love her tough hands-on approach. If I move out of alignment, then Ella will notice and gently correct me. The classes are intentionally small to ensure we each have her attention and Ella’s’ attention to detail is amazing.

Although many of the moves in themselves are quite simple, when you add in the breathing and correct positioning of body so that it is in alignment, the class is both physically and mentally challenging. I always leave the class feeling as though I have gained something, even if it is as simple as remembering to keep shoulders back and not flare my ribs!!

Moving to online classes has been surprisingly good. Ella is still able to focus on correcting our positions and her instructions are clear and easy to follow as if we were in the same room. We even get the occasional dog wandering into the session and joining in! I enjoy these classes because they help correct all the bad postural habits that we pick up from sitting at a computer all day. To be taught by someone as passionate and knowledgeable as Ella is a privilege.” – Robyn

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