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If you’re hunting around for some Christmas ideas for yourself (hint, hint) or others, then we can point you in the right direction:




Abi and Joseph (named for the founder of the company, Abi and the founder of pilates, Joseph) have the perfect pilates/yoga/travel wear – stylish, beautiful fabric and quality manufacturing absolutely guarantee that you will be thrilled with any item you are lucky enough to possess. Gin is currently living in Abi’s camisoles and wraps and has no issue recommending the relaxed fit pants or leggings! However there is one item that is bound to suit all tastes- affordable, useful and pretty. In fact, it could be the perfect stocking filler – non-slip, non-skid socks!



 Think of how many times Christie has had you in the most amazing stretch yet you feel your feet starting to slide outwards, as though your 5 year old self is tempting you to do the splits just one more time. Yeah right. No longer will you be fearful that your groin can’t give anymore as in these sockies, you won’t be going anywhere. If you’re a regular in the studio, we don’t need to tell you how convenient it would be to hide old nail polish or bandaids (that are “helping” to break in those new shoes) inside your socks whilst working safely on the apparatus.

Of course Abi and Joseph make so many beautiful items, you could probably source the Christmas stocking fillers, major pressies and a little something for yourself without a second thought.

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