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It happened one night at the Quarry restaurant, where the girls were having a drink after a couple of rather large mat classes, and were milling over the very positive feedback they had received.  ‘We love the variety! said one client.  ‘It’s great having someone correct your movements…’ said another. 

Mary, Gin and Christie each have different backgrounds in instructional training, and each have strengths of their own that they bring to a class.  What they do have in common is a very real passion for the Pilates method, and a keenness to share their knowledge and inspiration with as many people as possible.

So it was on this night at the Quarry, after a couple of glasses of Sauvignon Blanc each, that the girls decided there was indeed strength in numbers, and that together they would change the world one Pilates class at a time. 

Pilates Tasmania was born.

Posted by Christie

  • All the best plans seem to start that way christie!
    This sounds like a good idea for everyone… good luck
    I’ll spread the word


  • Pilates Tasmania 20/04/2008 at 6:33 am

    Hi Jen – thanks!

    Christie 😉

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