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Workplace Pilates Mat Classes

The importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace is crucial to maintaining happy, healthy employees.  Not only does it increase the level of employee satisfaction but also reduces absenteeism.
We offer a range of workplace Pilates mat class options which are tailored to each organisation’s needs. Whether it be before commencing work, during the lunch break or at an alternative time to suit your staff, we deliver 45 to 60 minute Pilates mat classes onsite across a five week period.
When organisations embrace workplace health and wellbeing programs, the results are tremendous!
Staff who participate in our workplace mat classes report feeling more energised and focussed and there is a noticeable improvement in their work performance and clear headedness.

I enjoy coming to pilates because it leaves me feeling stronger and more flexible for the rest of the day, and into the week. It’s a great opportunity to focus in on various parts of my body and pay attention to the feedback, while strengthening a whole range of muscles that can otherwise get forgotten. I enjoy the classes because the instructors always provide clear guidance, and really pay attention to the technique of individuals, as well as pitching the class to the overall level required. It’s been great having pilates at IMAS becuase it’s really convenient – and a good way to get to know some co-workers from the building too. – Hanne

Love Pilates!  The Pilates class is wonderful – very healthy and relaxing  – excellent for intellectually frazzled people! – Veryan

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