“For me it’s a 40/60 approach.

40% is related to the benefits I receive from Pilates as it conditions the whole body. Each week I am strengthening not just my core but every other muscle from arms, torso, butt, legs; gain muscle and joint flexibility; and it all subconsciously flows into daily improved posture, movement, balance and wellbeing.

The remaining 60% is all about the instructor. Ella and Mary know my name and make an effort to engage so that we all know a little about each outside of pilates-land; each is a delightful, first-rate instructor who articulates the move and technique with a verbal explanation and a demo; provide variety in class through different equipment or by tailoring moves to suit my needs and level; and make gentle corrections to my technique to ensure maximum benefit. Classes are enjoyable and positive. It’s this combination that keeps me coming back.”

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