“I keep attending Pilates partly because I’m afraid not to, and partly because of the strength and flexibility I gain from it which help me so much to achieve correct posture in a rowing-boat. (rowing is one of my life’s passions)

The first reason relates to the back-pain I was suffering around eight years ago. I was introduced to Pilates by my partner, Michele. A doctor had suggested I think about wearing a brace. Michele scoffed, and said to try Pilates. She encouraged me through the difficulties I had with the exercises, after which I joined one of Mary’s regular classes. I enjoyed some relief from my back-pain quite soon after beginning Pilates, and after several years I am free of pain almost always.

I was always a “slumper” in a rowing-boat. I could neither sit up at the start of the stroke, nor avoid bending my power back at the “finish”. This has all sorts of adverse consequences from slowing the boat to being a contributing factor to injury. Pilates has slowly but surely helped me to be able to “reshape” my technique in rowing.”

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