Happy New Year!

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Each time I think of something we need to tell you all, another month seems to have passed us by!  And yes, now it’s another YEAR which has passed us by!  Happy New Year to all our past, present and future clients 😉  May the next year be filled with lots of hard core tummies and buns of steel, as well as – of course – perfect torso posture each and every day.

A few clients have requested a class on Tuesday night (30 December) at the Rowing Sheds – if you are around, feel free to come along at 5.45pm, we will see if we can’t ease the Christmas tension out of our bods.  I have rollers too, very handy for rolling away any leftover stress. 

If you can’t make it then, Gin, Mary and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year – start dates to be posted next week.

Cheers, Christie.

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