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I have updated the links page with some new links for everyones info.  There is SO much info on the net, it’s mind boggling!  One of the sites I have mentioned is called "PodFitness" – basically you ‘mix’ your own workout with the music of your choice.  It is mainly gym workouts and cardio type workouts like jogging or cycling, but there are a couple of Pilates Instructors featured in the trainer line up, including Alycea Ungaro.  Alycea has been called (sorry about the cliche) "one of Hollywoods top Pilates Trainers."  There is a 10 day free trial if you want to mix your own MP3’s, but if you want to have a listen first here is one of mine that I prepared earlier 🙂 It’s only 15 minutes worth, about 15 mg – just right click and "save as" to your computer (PS – yes, she does keep saying Craig in the intro, being my hubby – it was Craigs’ name I used when I signed up for the free trial…).


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