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A little reminder to everyone – as it is just me, myself and I for a month or so, and given that we are moving into the silly season for parties and soirees’, Monday and Tuesday nights will change to one class each night only, starting at 5.45pm.  Mondays at Creek Road Netball Centre, Tuesdays at the Derwent Mercantile Rowing Sheds.  Pay as you go basis, $10 per class.  As you can imagine, some classes might get busy, some fairly quiet – one thing for certain: I will be there with bells on!

Mary’s Wednesday night class is not running while she is away due to low numbers (being because 2 or 3 clients from that class are in fact trekking with her!!).

Also, we won’t be accepting new clients over the next couple of months.  The reason for this is that everyone has progressed very well, and to bring beginners into our classes now would mean going back to basics for a while, just when we want to keep those hard-cores and rock-bottoms in fab condition for Christmas!  

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week… 🙂

Posted by Christie

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